100 Days of Code Challenge- Day 10

100 Days of Code Challenge- Day 10

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Today I am going to keep trucking along on the Applied Visual Design course on free code camp. Since I have caught up from skipping a day, I'm just going to do two courses today.

The first course that I will be working is Applied Visual Design: Adjust the Hover State of an Anchor Tag. This course taught me about pseudo-classes and how to apply them to my code. The challenge was to create a hover pseudo-class so that when someone hovered over the link it would turn blue. I found this to be pretty easy to pick up as you just add :hover to your element, for example, for this challenge I had to change the anchor element so it was a:hover. The rest was just entering the selectors as we have done from the beginning.

My second course was the Applied Visual Design: Change an Element's Relative Position. This course taught me about the position selector and how to adjust the position of an element in relation to another element. For example, If I wanted a paragraph to be 10px above the bottom, then I would add the selector position: relative, and then on the second line, I would add bottom: 10px. I had to read through this one twice to fully understand what they meant and to figure out how they wanted me to code it. Once I got it, I rolled my eyes at myself because using this is exactly the same as any other selector.

Difficulty: 1 Time spent: 30 min Takeaways:

  • I think I'm ready to start the doggo photo project. Please send me all of your dog pictures.
  • I know I need to finish out the CSS courses, but I feel like I need a bit more of a challenge. I've heard that Javascript can be a bear, so I may need to be careful what I wish for.

What did you learn today? Do you have a dog that you would like featured in my project?

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