100 Days of Code Challenge- Day 11

100 Days of Code Challenge- Day 11

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I can't believe that I'm already one-tenth done with this challenge. I feel like I've learned a lot already and I can't wait until I get to the end and can see how far I've come!

Today, I'm keeping up the Applied Visual Design on Free Code Camp.

The first course of the day is Applied Visual Design: Move a Relatively Positioned Element with CSS Offsets. This course teaches you how to offset elements from each other. The challenge was to offset the h1 element 15 px to the left and 10px from the bottom. This process is pretty much the exact same thing I did yesterday, so I was able to get through it easily.

The next course was the Applied Visual Design: Lock an Element to its Parent with Absolute Positioning. This course taught you the opposite of the relative positioning selector. The relative selector makes your elements move on your page in relation to each other whereas the absolute selector makes an element stay in one space no matter what. This was not so different from before, so I was also able to finish this one quickly.

Difficulty:1 Time Spent: 20 Min Takeaways:

  • Using this blog to describe what I'm learning is helping me pick up on the coding vocab a lot quicker. I have always learned better by teaching others.

  • I really like CSS.

Blog News

I have decided that I will be doing some live streaming in the future in addition to the blog. Keep your eye out on Twitter and the blog for when my first stream will take place!

I've also upgraded the blog a bit and finally purchased a domain name. You can now find me on Hashnode and on CourtneyCloud.tech !

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