100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 12

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Today I'm going to tackle two more courses on the Applied Visual Design Course on Free Code Camp.

The first course of the day is Applied Visual Design: Lock an Element to the Browser Window with Fixed Positioning. This course taught me how to make an item fixed on a page. The item stays no matter what happens to the items on the page. I was able to figure this one out fairly quickly, as it is the exact same as the relative and absolute position selectors coding-wise.

The second course of the day is Applied Visual Design: Push Elements Left or Right with the float Property. This course taught me how to use the float selector. I added the selectors to the IDs as instructed and it created two columns on the page.

Difficulty: 1 Time Spent: 20 min Takeaways:

  • I'm used to using the selectors now and I feel like these challenges are getting a lot easier.

  • I enjoy learning how to position different things on a page because I can finally start to see the big picture of how an entire webpage can be designed.

What did you learn today? Do you like CSS?

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