100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 6

100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 6

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I'm super excited to work on today's challenge because I've finally reached the Visual Design course at Freecodecamp.org. I'm a huge design junkie and honestly one of my biggest per peeves can be the design of a webpage or an application. I really feel like this is a subject that I will really like, so I'm more than happy to dive into it.

The first course is Create Visual Balance Using the text-align Property.

At first, I had trouble remembering how to assign a property to a tag, but after a few minutes of thinking, I figured it out. I can understand how using these alignment tools would be super helpful when building out a webpage and I will probably use them often.


The next course I took was Adjust the Width of an Element Using the width Property.

This course also ended up coming pretty easily to me, as it is very similar to what I learned in the HTML course when it comes to adjusting the width of an item.


I kept continuing on this path as I was finding the work to be almost a copy of what we did in some of the HTML courses. I ended up completing every course up to Decrease the Opacity of an Element before the debate started. I did mostly well, except for shadow boxes which I feel like might end up being a little tricky, but I know with practice I'll get better at them.

Difficulty: 2 Time Spent: 1 hour Takeaways:

  • I've retained more from the HTML courses than I thought I did. This makes me really happy and makes me feel a little bit better about forgetting a few things yesterday.

  • Visual Design is definitely my jam and I'm excited to learn even more about it. I'm also very interested in UX as well and I hope that comes into play.

What did you learn today? Do you like Visual Design? What is your favorite aspect of coding?

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