100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 7

100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 7

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So today was finally the day our Senior Dev decided to give me an assignment: To make an email template using visualforce. It would be a monthly account statement for our B2B customers.

Now, this should've been a knock out of the park, but that is definitely not what happened.

The first thing I did after reading our user's requirements, was to pull up a different email template. I did this so that I could make sure that the style and branding were the same for our customers as branding can make or break you. Now, I could've just copied and pasted the header and the style options but for the sake of learning, I decided to type everything up by hand. This was going okay until I realized that the logo was different (we have 16 different websites) .

I reached out to our Senior Dev to get the proper URL and then everything starts getting messed up.

My neighbor's two houses down were getting landscaping done today so there was a TON of beeping all day and then the dog next door was barking at the landscaping so it was very loud and distracting. I also had to migrate over all of our tickets from Jira to Monday.com and was in the middle of IM'ing a few different people in our company at the same time.

Now, I know for an experienced Dev, they are used to this, but I usually code at night or on the weekends so I'm not used to interruptions. These distractions caused me to miss super basic things like open quotations and closing tags. After about two hours of trying to work on it, the other needs in my business were deemed more important and it was time to call it a day on my template.

I just felt like the entire time I was working on it that I was someone trying to pose as a coder and that a real coder needed to be there instead. I know I haven't been learning code for long but I still feel like I should have a better handle on the basics and I should know better than to skip steps. This is a feeling I've actually had since I landed in my tech role. Even though I had spent three years basically being the admin for the CS department, I still felt like I was playing a character for a while. I think what makes this harder is that when you work in Customer Service, a lot of people just don't trust your judgment and you have to defend yourself constantly. I'm not used to having a boss that doesn't need my KPI's every day to know I'm working and who lets me work autonomously. Do any of you feel this way? Have you gone through a big career change and felt like you didn't belong?

Difficulty: 5 Time Spent: 2 hours Takeaways:

  • Coding for fun or learning to code at home on your own time is completely different than doing it at work. I learned how to be an admin on the job so that never really changed for me but coding requires a lot more focus right now since I'm a newbie.

  • When I'm coding alone, I don't worry about other people seeing it because everyone online knows I'm learning and there is a safety net. To me, creating something for a user that doesn't know my skillset is completely different and nerve-racking. I also want to make a good impression on our Sen. Dev and my boss because my goal in 2021 is to get promoted to a Junior Dev.

  • Visualforce is HTML and CSS but it also has apex which is a little weird and I don't really know much about it. This project will be challenging because I'll be kind've learned a new language at the same time.
  • I'm going to have a training session tomorrow with our Sen. Admin who has made some of these and hopefully he can help me out with it.

Overall, I could've been lazy and just copied the stylesheet and just move some words around but I decided that I wanted to learn instead. I feel like that alone says a lot and I hope that my bosses will see that I'm really trying to learn and improve my skills. I'm sure if I practice building these out I can become a visual force expert in no time.

What did you learn today? Do you have any visualforce tips for me? How I can get used to coding with distractions? Do you deal with imposter syndrome?

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