100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 8

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Today I'm going to continue on my coding journey with more of the applied visual design courses on freecodecamp.org. So far, I feel like I'm grasping these concepts pretty well, though I do find the shadow boxes a little confusing. I'm hoping with some more practice I'll get better at them.

The first course of the day is Applied Visual Design: Decrease the Opacity of an Element. It took me a minute to understand the instructions but after looking at the code provided for a few minutes, it clicked and I was able to pass the course.


My next course is Applied Visual Design: Use the text-transform Property to Make Text Uppercase. I figured this one out pretty quickly and was able to get the challenge done in less than five minutes.


Difficulty: 2 Time Spent:20 Min Takeaways:

  • I'm getting ids. classes and variables confused. Anytime there are instructions asking me to do something with these I struggle to remember the difference and I often do the wrong thing. Is there an easy way to remember the difference between them?

  • I feel like I might finally be ready for a project. I might start the Doggo Photos project this week. I will probably do this on code pen.

What did you learn today? Do you find the coding vocabulary confusing too or is it just me?

Comments (3)

Favourite Jome's photo

I started learning bootstrap yesterday and I'll continue today. Yeah, coding vocabulary are confusing, must words I'll forget and have to check everytime 🙂

Courtney Coen's photo

It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone in that! Do you like bootstrap? I've heard a lot of good things about it.

Favourite Jome's photo

I can't say I like it yet, I just started learning it. But I like Tailwindcss (it's kinda like bootstrap but without components) Courtney Coen