100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 9

100 Days of Code Challenge-Day 9

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Today I'm trying to make up for missing a day yesterday so I thought I would try and do four courses on freecodecamp.org. It's a bit late and I'm tired from my personal training session, so I'm hoping it will go well but if it doesn't it just means I need to go to bed.

The first course of the day is Applied Visual Design: Set the font-size for Multiple Heading Elements. In this exercise, I have to change the font size of six heading elements.

At first, I wanted to go ahead and do

but then I thought about it a little bit more and remembered that I am doing CSS here and that isn't how you style an element. I went to the style section and entered:

h1 { font-size: 68px; }

I continued to do this for all six heading elements and it turned into this:


I passed the challenge and moved onto my second course of the day: Applied Visual Design: Set the font-weight for Multiple Heading Elements. This challenge was basically the same as the above, but with font-weight instead of font-size. I did the same thing as before but I made a mistake. I added px after the font-weight numbers and then realized my mistake after I ran my first test. I removed the px's and then I passed the challenge.

The next challenge was Applied Visual Design: Set the font-size of Paragraph Text. In this challenge, I had to change the font size of the paragraph element. As the styling for the p element was already done, I simply had to change the number of the font-size and this challenge was completed.

Last,but not least, was the Applied Visual Design: Set the line-height of Paragraphs challenge. This one was also pretty quick, though I had to add line-height to the styling I already completed in the last challenge.

Difficulty: 1 Time spent: 1 hr Takeaways:

  • CSS is coming pretty easily to me as most of what I've learned so far is basically what I did today.I feel like it will get trickier as I go along because I still haven't learned how to create shapes and whatnot. I don't see how I can make CSS art out of what I've already learned.
  • I need to learn when to use an id vs a class vs a variable vs HTML when it comes to styling. I still haven't figured out the difference between all of these and so far free code camp hasn't really explained it much. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere that may help me?

What did you learn today? Are you enjoying this content or would you rather read something else?Let me know in the comments below.

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