100 Days of Code-Day 4

100 Days of Code-Day 4

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I was thinking about this challenge this weekend and I have figured out that I need a schedule to help me keep track of everything.I feel like I have too many different goals I am trying to reach right now and breaking them down into daily tasks will help keep me from getting overwhelmed. As a new coder, I feel like there is an insane amount of things to learn and I wonder if I'll ever be able to remember it all. How do you deal with this type of thing as an experienced developer? Is this just how it is?

For this week, I will try and complete two CSS lessons on freecodecamp.org each day. I have 22 lessons left and then I would like to complete a CSS art project once I am finished with these lessons.

Today I worked on using attribute selectors to style elements. I felt like I had everything down, however, my code kept failing the tests. So I clicked on the 'Get Help' button and watched the video on how to complete it. After watching the video, I compared the code between the two, and mine matched exactly what they had the answer as and it still wouldn't pass the test. Can you tell me if I did anything wrong? The code still is showing on my CatPhotoApp and I still can't pass the challenge.


After being frustrated, I moved on to the next lesson: Understand Absolute versus Relative Units. In this lesson, I had to add a relative unit to the red-box element and I found this to be a very quick and easy lesson.


Difficulty: 3 Time Spent: 1 hour Takeaways:

  • I wish that the free code camp editor would be more specific about the mistakes that you are making. I feel like I did everything right and I don't know what I did wrong and that is very frustrating.

  • Much like HTML, I feel like a lot of it just makes sense and is pretty easy to pick up on.

What did you learn today? Let me know in the comments or give me a shout out on twitter.

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