100 Days of Code- Day Five

100 Days of Code- Day Five

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For today's coding adventures, I am continuing with the CSS course on freecodecamp.org.

The first course I have is Style the HTML Body Element.

This one took me all of three minutes at the most and I was able to do the challenge with no issue.


Next was the Inherit Styles from the Body Element course.

I found that this one was also fairly easy and at this point, I had maybe been coding for all of ten minutes, so I decided to keep going while everything just made sense.


I continued on to Prioritize One Style Over Another.

This is where I started to struggle a bit. I couldn't remember how to create a class, so I tried to wing it at first. I ended up creating an attribute instead like so:

[type='pink-text'] { color= pink; }

I clicked on 'run the tests' and it came back all wrong. I ended up looking up how to create a class again and was finally able to figure it out.


Difficulty: 2 Time Spent: 30 Mins Takeaways:

  • I feel like I'm finally getting comfortable with this whole coding thing.

  • However, I also feel like it's definitely something you have to do all the time or you will lose what you have learned. It has been a little over a week since I created a class and it was completely out of my brain. I wonder how it will be once I know a few different languages.

  • I find CSS to be pretty fun since I have always enjoyed design (my first career choice was to become a Costume Designer, so I went to art school for a little bit). I can see myself really enjoying this portion of coding.

I want to create a CSS art project when I'm done with these courses and I'm trying to find something fun to do. I love Marvel, dogs, and anything 1950's related. So if you see anything that you think I would like, let me know and I'll attempt to recreate it.

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