100 Days of Code- Day Two

100 Days of Code- Day Two

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My goal for today was to try and finish up the HTML classes on freecodecamp.org. I'm finding that HTML is fairly easy to pick up, so I felt like this wasn't a crazy goal for the day.


I managed to finish the courses without much trouble and ended up with a basic CatPhotoApp page.

Difficulty: 1 Time Spent: 2 hours


  • HTML comes easily to me and I'm very excited to start my own project tomorrow

  • I wish that free code camp would start their web development course with information about the internet and how websites work and whatnot. I understand how to build a page now, but how do I get to the point where my page is actually on the internet? Maybe this comes later?

I've decided that for my first project, I will build a tribute page to corgis called Doggo Photos. If you'd like to have your doggo featured on my blog and in my first project, please submit your pictures here.

If you have any advice for building this project or any other resources to help me master HTML, please let me know in the comments!

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