Road to Ranger - Day One

Road to Ranger - Day One

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For the first day of this challenge, I decided to go with the basics. I haven't done any badges related to Service Cloud since I received my certification and I haven't received this badge so I figured it was a good place to start.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 134138.png

To earn this badge, you have to complete four different sections and answer all of the quiz questions correctly.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 141038.png

Badge Difficulty (1-5): 1 Time to Completion: 30 Mins

For me, this badge was pretty easy as I have over six years of experience working in Service Cloud between my time as a CSR and as an Admin. I feel like anyone can read the information and complete the quizzes on their first try.


  • Even though these features have been available for some time, my org currently uses some of the most basic features with custom code placed over them ( we have a case resolution wizard that is awesome).

  • Our CS team could really use the Omni-Channel features and I will be bringing this up to my VP so we can talk about putting them in place in 2021

  • This would be a really good badge to send to your users to complete as part of their onboarding.

So that's it for my first day of the challenge. What badges did you get today? Which badges do you think I should get next?

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