Road to Ranger- Day Two

Road to Ranger- Day Two

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After some thought, I've decided that the best way to earn the right badges I need to study for the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification is to follow the trail mix that Salesforce has created to help people study.


Now, I've completed some of the badges on this trail mix already when I was studying to become an admin, so I will be skipping those as the goal is to earn more points and badges each day.

For today's badge, I'll be completing the second trail on the mix and that is the 'Contact Center Leadership for Executives' badge. Now, this badge doesn't seem very technical, however, I'm very interested to read how Salesforce believes a Contact Center should be run. I worked in customer service roles for about ten years before becoming an admin and I've seen things done in a few different ways but I'm sure SF will have its own unique take on things.


Difficulty: 1 Time Spent: 1 hour


  • This module is good for admins to read because it helps you understand how to get your executive stakeholders to invest in more technology for your contact center

  • Even if you are not an executive, you can learn how to present your ideas so that you can get executive or stakeholder buy-in

  • I always love how Salesforce always begins these types of modules with a clear organized path. I feel like a lot of businesses don't start their projects out like this and then it turns into a mess in the middle because the real vision or goals weren't properly documented. You end starting projects all over again or taking a hard left once you realize you're down the wrong path. As admins, we can guide our business users to do better by requiring this type of organization upfront and by helping them with it along the way.

  • I feel like if every contact center manager knew how to provide the value that their department provides in this manner, we might see fewer layoffs in these areas and we would have much happier customers because the company decided to invest in their department.

Overall, I felt like this module was very enlightening and I will start trying to put some of this information to good use in my org. Which badge did you earn today?

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