Sunday Funday

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As I embarked on my current two challenges, there was one thing that I did not take into account when attempting to plan out what I would do each day. That thing was rest.

Just like when you are working out and trying to build muscle, recovery can be one of the most important factors when it comes to learning new things and retaining the information. It wasn't until late last night when I struggled to write my Road to Ranger Challenge that I realized that I needed to give myself one day off a week.

So, I'm going to declare Sunday's Fundays. I will take a day off of personal and professional development. I will take the time to sleep in, spend time with my family and my friends, and mindlessly binge watch TV. And on Monday, I will be well-rested and ready to dive into work plus working out, coding each day, and earning a badge each day.

I know that this will delay some of my goals, however, when I reach them, my mental health will be much better than if I just worked through everything for one hundred days straight.

Do you take a day off each week? How do you take care of your mental health while learning how to code? Do you have any advice for me?

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Dinys Monvoisin's photo

I don't know what you will consider a day off. Even if I am taking a day off, I am always thinking about things I could write, implement or learn. If I want to chill, I will prefer to read some books, and even that will make me feel that I did not do anything productive.

Thank you for reminding that resting is essential to avoid burnout.

Courtney Coen's photo

Hi Dinys,

I feel like each person has their own version of 'day off'. For me, I still have lots of ideas and I still think a lot about my goals, however, I choose to plan to execute them on a different day.

I have a whiteboard in my room that has all of my goals written on it and if I have an idea, I'll add to the whiteboard. Sometimes, I just sit on my bed staring at the board to try and figure out different ways of getting where I need to go and what steps I need to take. On my days off or when I don't have time, I just write it on the board and leave it for a brainstorming session. I've found that just getting an idea into the universe helps get it out of my head so I can focus on other things.

I think I just realized that working full time, plus getting a badge every day, plus learning to code, and plus writing two blog posts every day was just a little much for me. I feel much better after resting yesterday and I'm excited about the content I'll be writing this week.