Time to Restart

Time to Restart

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If you read my previous post titled 'Failure', then you know that I've been going through a bit of a rough patch lately in regards to my mental health. Over the past week or two, I've been getting a lot of things done in my personal life, so that I can be prepared and ready to complete the challenges needed to complete my goals. One of the things I needed to do, was to change my entire daily routine.

Before I did this, my routine was basically this:

  • Wake up right before work started

  • Take lunch around 11 and play with my dog

  • Work until 5pm

  • Cook dinner and spend time with my partner

  • Work on coding/bloggin/anything extra I needed to do

There are a few issues with this routine:

  1. I didn't give myself enough time to get ready before work 2.I didn't have dedicated time for working on my personal development 3.My goals were the last thing I worked on, so I was tired and often would skip this time if I just wanted to relax 4.There was no time for cleaning or getting things done around the house

I have developed a new routine, that I plan to start on Monday. It goes like this:

5 a.m.- Wake up and get ready for the day 6 a.m.- Work on getting trailhead badges for the certifications that I want to obtain 7 a.m. Work on coding for an hour 8 a.m. Start work 11 a.m. take a lunch break, play with Holly 12 p.m. back to work 5 p.m. work ends, complete my daily chores 6 p.m. work out 7:30 p.m. cook dinner and work on blogging

Now I know this seems very tight and it is on purpose. I have ADHD and I find that keeping myself on a timer is very helpful when I am trying to get things done. This routine also helps me work towards achieving my goals of wanting to obtain more certifications, learning to code, and getting in shape.

The biggest challenge I will have with this is waking up early. I would sleep in every single day if I could but I know that it will only benefit me to get my personal development done in the morning versus waiting until late at night. On the weekends, things will look a bit differently:


5 a.m. Wake up and hang out with my partner and Holly 8 a.m. Complete any chores I missed during the week and complete anything that needs to be finished (includes blogging)
11 a.m. Get ready for my personal training session 12 p.m. Personal Training 2 p.m. Get ready for the rest of the day 3 p.m. Create a shipping list with my partner and go grocery shopping 6 p.m. Make a nice dinner and relax


5 a.m. Wake up and hang out with my partner and Holly 8 a.m.- 10 p.m. Spend the rest of the day relaxing and doing whatever I want to

The weekends are for self-care and for spending time with the people that I care about the most. Building these things into my routine is extremely important for my mental health, as I tend to forget to take care of myself in these ways.

In the time when I am working on personal development, I will be completing three challenges:

  1. Road to Ranger- I would like to be a Trailhead Ranger and complete at least two badges a day. This will vary as some badges take more time than others. I will update you guys every Saturday on this challenge and let you know what I've learned plus my own experience working with the various features that I learn about.

  2. 100 Days of Code Challenge- I wasn't ready for this the first time, so I'm starting it over. I will provide you with an update every Wednesday on this with everything that I've learned.

3.Complete the Lifetime You to You challenge. This challenge is for 60 days and I am working on it with my personal trainer. The goal is to lose as much body fat as possible in this timeframe to qualify for a national prize. I will be following macros and working out at least three times per week. I will provide you with updates on Twitter on how I am doing with this challenge.

I hope that all of these changes will help me become the person that I want to be and I'm excited to take you guys on the ride with me.

Have you ever had to restart everything? What do you do to complete your goals?

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