Who Am I and Why Am I Writing a Blog?

Who Am I and Why Am I Writing a Blog?

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Hi everyone,

My name is Courtney Coen and I want to tell you a little bit about who I am and what Courtney Cloud is all about.

My story with Salesforce and cloud computing began in 2016. At the time I was a Customer Service Lead and I was convinced that I was going to be a costume designer. As I was working, I was noticing that our team did a TON of things manually that took up a lot of time and I wanted to find ways of getting around it, so I started poking around our Salesforce Org.

I discovered reports and dashboards and the CS team was forever changed. As I began building out different things to make my job easier, other leads and my supervisors began to notice and to ask for their own versions of the things that I was building. Fast forward two years and I have built over 150 reports and dashboards for all 16 websites that my company owns.

It wasn't long after that when our team got a new director who could see my potential. Within one week of us working together, she told me ' You don't belong here'. She mentored me and helped me realize that tech was my real calling.

She paired me with our company's development team on all CS projects and after we worked together on several things, our Senior Admin encouraged me to become an admin and get certified.

I spent a year studying and doing as many trailheads as I could and by the end of 2019, I was convinced that I could pass the certification. The only problem was that with my CS pay, coming up with an extra $200 would take some time.

As I waited for my financial situation to get better, one of our Admins had decided to leave and go work somewhere else. Before she left, she gave me a gift: She told our V.P. of IT that he should hire me to replace her. Luckily I had built up enough goodwill with the development team that all of them put my name in the hat for the job and I was hired in March.

My company even decided to pay for my first certification, which I passed with flying colors in May.

Now that I've been an Admin for about six months, I'm ready to start my Developer journey, but I wanted to document my experience and share it with others who feel like they are stuck where they are at or who are interested in taking the same path I have.

So, as I learn new skills and prepare for the various certifications that I need to take, I will be taking you with me and teaching you everything as I learn it as well. My hope is that we can all help each other improve our skills and become better at our jobs.

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